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Protests against the power of big banks in Germany‏


from the list of European Social Forum

Dear friends!

Yesterday, together with Campact and Naturfreunde (Friends of Nature),
and the support of many other organisations, among them trade unions,
the German Left party and the German Green party, Attac Germany
organised further protests against the banking system. Also many people
of the occupy movement joined the protests.

In Frankfurt more than 10.000 people encircled the banking quarter, in
Berlin 8.000 people encircled the German parliament.

Here you can find two videos in English from Russia today, who made
interviews with Max Bank and Jutta Sundermann, both members of the board
of Attac Germany.:
And a report in spanish:

Report of Iranian from the protests in Berlin:
(Sad, that broadcasting stations like rusia today and press tv don't
make videos like this, when there are anti-government-protests in their
own countries)

Here some more impressions from the camps and protests in Frankfurt and

Stephan Lidner

From → English, Ευρώπη



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