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October 15 in Prague

by Mirek Prokes (through the ESF list)

On October 15th, about 400 people participated in the demonstration 
called Real Democracy Now and demanded participatory democracy, social 
justice, decent life and sustainable development. The meeting took place 
in the very centre of Prague (Republic Sq.) and was followed with a 
march to the buildings of the Government, Parliament and President 
(Prague Castle).
A very broad range of people took part, including those from the civic 
initiatives SDT (Real Democracy Now!), Alternative from Below, Humanist 
Movement, No to Military Bases!, For Alternatives,
Socialist Solidarity, New Anticapitalist Left, anarchists and 
individuals from the Communist, Social Democrat and Green parties.
They were chanting i.a.: "Your crisis, our poverty", "Cancel debts, they 
are not ours", "System against the people, people against the system", 
"People are not goods", "Life is not stock exchange", "Rule of money 
damages the people", "We are not sheep".

Media report (in Czech) with a photo is available at
A much bigger demonstration and a march, organized jointly by civic 
initiatives and trade unions, will be organized in a similar way on the 
next Saturday, Oct 22nd.


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